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Home Energy Usage
By Judge Karen   View more articles by this author
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April 08, 2010

Types of Appliances

More than 70% of the energy used in our homes is for appliances, refrigeration, space heating, cooling, and water heating. Replacing old appliances and equipment with those that are ENERGY STAR labeled can help American families save significantly on their utility bills.

Each state and territory has selected its own set of ENERGY STAR qualified products to rebate, based on the DOE list of recommended appliances:

  • Boilers;

  • Central air conditioners;

  • Clothes washers;

  • Dishwashers;

  • Freezers;

  • Furnaces (oil and gas);

  • Heat pumps (air source and geothermal);

  • Refrigerators;

  • Room air conditioners;

  • Water heaters

Read more here: http://www.energysavers.gov/financial/70020.html

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